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Fried rice with pork

I'm very glad when I make fried rice by using this recipe because it taste like fried rice I usually eat in Thai street restaurant. It's seems very professional.
3 tbsp. cooking oil1 tbsp. chopped garlic1/4 cup thinly sliced onion1/4 cup hip part of the pork cut into small pieces2 duck eggs1/2 cup chinese kale, cut into 1 1/2 inch lengths2 cups cooked rice1 tsp. seasoning sauce1 tbsp. light soy sauce1 tsp. sugar1/8 tsp. ground pepper1 coriander plant, cut into 1 cm. lengths1 slice of limeserved with sliced cucumbers and spring onion
Place a wok over medium heat until hot, add oil and saute the garlic until nearly golden. Add onion and pork, continue stir frying until all are done. Break the eggs into the wok, poke the yolk. Stir fried until it is nearly done. Add Chinese kale, continue stir frying. Add rice, turn to high heat, stir to mix thoroughly. Add seasoning sauce, light soy sauce and sugar, stir for a short while until dry and fragment. Remove from the heat.
Dip out onto a…